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Adam Chang

Adam began doing research with the Marsh lab in the summer of 2017. He is currently a senior at Johns Hopkins University studying Neuroscience and works as a research assistant.

Adam’s first project examined the need for ICU monitoring after treatment with intravenous tissue plasminogen activator (IV tPA). Treatment with IV tPA may result in symptomatic intracranial hemorrhage, a life-threatening complication. The current standard of care places these patients under 24 hours of ICU monitoring post-treatment, which is resource-intensive. Results of the study showed that the majority of sICH occurred within the first few hours of treatment, and that 24 hours of ICU monitoring may not be required for most patients. His second project is studying the effects of IV tPA on the conversion of proximal large-vessel occlusions, and the effects that this has on intra-arterial thrombectomy, a catheter clot removal procedure, as well as overall clinical outcomes.

Adam is graduating from Johns Hopkins in 2019 and then attending medical school in the summer of 2019.


Chang A, Llinas EJ, Chen K, Llinas RH, Marsh EB. Shorter intensive care unit stays?: The majority of post-intravenous tPA (tissue-type plasminogen activator) symptomatic hemorrhages occur within 12 hours of treatment. Stroke 2018;49(6):1521-1524.
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